Saami Ski Race 1. April 2017

NOTICE! Skiing direction is from Kautokeino to Hetta.
Saami Ski Race is organized together by Kautokeino IL and Hetan Hukat ry. Kautokeino IL is responsible for organizing in Norway (start, ski track, transport and maintenance) and Hetan Hukat ry is responsible in Finland (finish area, ski track, transport and maintenance).


FRIDAY, 31. March

Kautokeino, School (90 km) from 17 to 22 o'clock (Norwegian time)

  • You can pick-up your bib and Ski-info from the competition office.
  •  Also those skiers who are participating to 60 km race have to pick up their bibs from the competition office in Kautokeino on Friday .
    On Saturday  kl 8.30-10.30 (Norwegian time) Competition Office for 60 km skiers in the Sitsajärvi crossing, in Norway.

SATURDAY, 1. April

Kautokeino from 6 to 8:30 o'clock (Norwegian time), School

  • 90 km Skiers can pick up their bib on Saturday morning also.
  • More information Sara Ellen Anne Eira, tel. +47 900 61766

Sitsajärvi crossing (60 km) klo 8:30-10.30 (Norwegian time)

  • Notice! It is not possible to park your private car at the starting point of 60 km because the parking place is too small. You must follow the bus or be driven there.
  • The 60 km skiers will get their bib on Saturday from here.

Galdotieva, in Palojärvi (30 km) 11-12:30 (Norwegian time)

  • All 30 km skiers pick up bibs from Galdotieva (add. Ruijantie 2605, 99440 Leppäjärvi).
  • More information Anne Keskitalo-Hohti , +358 40 831 2227.


At 8:00 90 km, (Norwegian time). Start area in Kautokeino willage, river ice.
At 10:30 60 km, (Norwegian time). Start area in Sitsajärvi crossing in Norway. Note that on Saturday you can get bibs only here.
At 13:00 (Norwegian time) 30 km. Start area in Näkkälä village in Finland.

Finnish area in Hetta 90 km, 60 km, 30 km

  • 15.30 o'clock (local time) prize cremony in Hetta
  • Finish area is situated in Hetta School Centre, address, Puistomäentie 1, 99400 Enontekiö, Finland
  • There is a Café in Finish area for skiers and fo audience.

At 20:00 (Norwegian time) Competition ends


Men 90 km
Women 90 km

Men and women 60 km

Men and women 30 km


90 km      70 eur/75 eur/95 eur
60 km      50 eur/55 eur/75 eur
30 km      35 eur/40 eur/60 eur

The cheapest price is valid until 31. January 2017. The second price class is valid from 1. February to 19. March 2017. Post-registration 20.3. - 29.3. kl 23.59 Finnish time.

Participation fee includes:

  • Medal and diploma
  • Drinks and snacks at the pitstops
  • Bib
  • Shower in Hetta for skiers
  • Soup in Hetta for skiers
  • Transport of equipments and bags from Kautokeino, Sitsajärvi crossing and Näkkälä to Hetta
  • Lottery prices


In all classes is timing.
In every bib there is a timing chip covered by plastic. Do not bend or remove it.
The bib has to be on the skiers chest during the whole competition.


The skiing style is free. It is possible to ski classic style on a groomed track.


Every skier gets a personal bib from the competition office. The bib has to be placed on the skier's chest.
Before starting the race every skier has to write behind the bib their own name, name of the closest relative and contact information,
possible illnesses and medical allergies. In every bib there is a timing chip covered by plastic. Do not bend or remove it.
The bib has to be on the skiers chest during the whole competition.


If the weather conditions are bad on Saturday 1. April, the competition will not be cancelled, but the track will be changed. Saami Ski Race jury will hold a meeting on Friday the 31th of March, concerning the safety of the skiing route. Possible changes to the Saami Ski race Maraton will be informed in the website as well as in the competition office in Kautokeino and Saami Ski Race Facebook. 

If the race is postponed for another day, those who paid the registration fee can participate but if they decide not to participate, the registration fee will not be refunded.

Cancellation of the race is very unlikely. However, if the competition is cancelled the day before, the organizer can keep 50% of the entry fee to cover the costs. If the competition is organized elsewhere the same day of changed to an alternative day, no fees will be refunded. If the race is cancelled because of weather conditions or due to force majeure reasons, the entry fee is not refundable.