Notice! SKI WAXING open on saturday 13-20 and on sunday 7-8.30 (Finnish time). It is near race office. Prices.

SERVICE STOPS (between every 10 km)


1. Närpistö

Drinks: Sportdrink, warm juice and water
Snack: Raisins

2. Näkkälä refuge

Drinks: Sport drink, warm juice and water
Snack: Raisins, pickles

3. Näkkälä

Drikke: Sport drink, warm juice and water
Snack: Raisins, banana, pickles, biscuits

4. Border / Kaamusjärvi

Drikke: Sport drink, warm drink and water
Snack: Raisins, biscuits, banana, orange, pickles, rye bred + butter and blueberry soup


5. Border / Kaamusjärvi

Drinks: Sport drink, hot juice, water

Snack: Raisins, biscuits, pickles, rye bread + spread, orange, blueberry soup

5. Staddevárri

Drinks: Sport drink, hot juice, water
Snack: Raisins, biscuits, orange, pastry and blueberry soup

6.Guolehis Suolojávri

Drinks: Sport drink, lemonade, water
Snack: Raisins, banana, blueberry soup, pastry, polar bread + spread

7. Coages Jevdes 

Drinks: Sport drink, hot juice, water, cocacola-coffee
Snack:   Raisins, banana, orange, pastry, polar bread + spread, blueberry soup

8. Nammajávri

Drinks: Sport drink, hot juice, water, cocacola-coffee
Snack: Raisins, banana, orange, pickles, polar bread + spread, blueberry soup

Finish: drinks
            reindeer soup


Everyone skis at his/her own risk.

The minimum age of the participant of Saami Ski Race is 15 years (born in 2003 or earlier). The minimum age for participating in the 30 km is 13 years (born in 2003) if they ski together with an adult.  The child has to ski together with an adult.

We recommend that every carries a cell phone during the race, in case of possible emergency situation. There is a cell phone network along the course area.

Skier must be klo 13 in Näkkälä (Finnish time), in the service stop of the Border at the lastest at 13 (Norwegian time) and at the Siccajavri crossing 16 (Norwegian time).

Please remember that the course passes through open marshland and lakes, where is no protection from wind. Be sure to wear enough layers, hat and gloves. Take your good sunglasses and sunlotion. We recommend you to take a backbag with you. Pack extra clothing, drinking bottle and some snacks with you. Distance of 10 km between service points is long when skiing on open fell landscapes. Weather conditions are demanding and vary from year to year.
Good, well-covering sunglasses are needed to protect your eyes from the shinging sun. In addition, sunglasses are needed to prevent snow blindness also when the weather is cloudy. Wind is always blowing on the fells so sunglasses are needed for that, too.

The course is marked at even distance by ribbons and flags. There are kilometer posts at every 5 km. Please follow the kilometer posts, so you are aware of your location, in case of possible emergency. The course is marked on the map that is distributed for the skiers.

If your ski pole gets broken, there a spare poles on the service stops in Finland. You can borrow a pole and return it in Hetta.

Don't forget to pack to your own personal equipment bag also your personal belongings for shower in Kautokeino.

First aid

The skiers are followed by Red Cross'es snowmobile team in Norway and by Red Cross'es snowmobile team and a a doctor in Finland. The general emergency number in Norway is 113 and in Finland 112. If you see that another skier needs help, please call first to 113 in Norway and 112 in Finland and the give resuscitation.

You can get first aid from every service stop and the service stops will contact Red Cross and rescue department in case of emergency.


If you feel that you should give up the race, please report yourself either to Red Cross or at service stop. Discontinuation is absolutely forbidden without reporting yourself either for Red Cross or crew at the service stops! We will arrange transportation away from the service stop and to Hetta or Kautokeino.

If the skier has not crossed the Finish line before 21 o'clock EET or 20 o'clock CET, will be qualified for discontiued.